Body Contouring 

Trusculpt iD

truSculpt iD is the revolutionary nonsurgical body sculpting treatment, clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells around stubborn areas, like your stomach and love handles.

Juliet Laser Treatment

Juliet is a fast, minimally invasive treatment for women’s intimate concerns. Unpleasant symptoms such as laxity, itching, irritation, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence and even pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) can today be improved thanks to cutting-edge technology like the Juliet laser treatment from Cutera.

XEO Laser Hair Removal

From getting rid of facial hair to chest hair, stomach hair, pubic hair or hair anywhere you wish, solutions do exist. Shaving can be a time-consuming experience, and often does not provide the level of smoothness that you want. Worse yet, with each shave, you make the hairs more likely to return thicker and more visible than ever.

truSculpt Flex

This noninvasive body contouring treatment offers you muscle toning, body sculpting, and strengthening without the sweat and tears. To uncover a whole new you, call us today.