Body Contouring with TruSculpt-iD

First and only radiofrequency device FDA cleared for permanent fat reduction. 

Don’t Get Surgery – Get TruSculpt-iD

TruSculpt-iD is FDA cleared and has been clinically proven to reduce fat by an average of 24%.

  • Non-Invasive (No cuts or injections)
  • Cleared By FDA
  • Destroys 24% of Fat In One Session
  • Safer Than Lipo
  • Tightens Skin While Removing Fat
  • More Comfortable and Effective Than Other Lipolysis Devices On The Market

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What Is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting is a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure that promises permanent fat reduction using the advanced TruSculpt® 3D. The body-contouring tool gets rid of fat from many common trouble spots, including:

  • Abdomen and flanks
  • Back, love handles, and bra fat
  • Inner and outer thigh
  • Arms
  • Knees
  • TruSculpt® 3D uses radiofrequency energy that targets and destroys the fat cells under your skin.
  • Your body then breaks the fat cells down and eliminates them.
  • TruSculpt® 3D also tightens your skin to assist in the body-sculpting process.
Am I a good candidate for body sculpting?
Your specialist determines if you’re a good candidate for body sculpting after a consultation.
You can combine body sculpting with other aesthetic treatments offered for a really dramatic effect.
What can I expect during body sculpting?

Body sculpting is conducted by a trained registered nurse. Treatments are given in 15-minute cycles. The amount of time needed for your body-sculpting treatment depends on the number of areas you have treated and the size of the area being treated.

During treatment with TruSculpt®, your aesthetic specialist runs the hand-held device over your troubled areas with precision to help you achieve your desired results. There’s no downtime following your treatment, so you can go right back to your usual activities.

For the best results, you may need a series of body-sculpting sessions set at six-week intervals. You should start to see an improvement in your figure soon after treatment, with maximum results within three months of your final treatment.

What treatments can improve my double chin?
The Aesthetics team at Sweetwater uses TruSculpt® 3D to help improve your profile and get rid of the fat under your chin. We also offer Kybella®, which is an injection that contains deoxycholic acid, a synthetic form of bile, to break up the fat under your chin and improve your look.

Kybella® injections take only 15-30 minutes. For the best results, you may need a series of injections.