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What is BioTE Hormone Therapy and how does it work?

BioTE is an advanced type of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, also known as BHRT. As you age, your natural hormone levels change and can become unbalanced. Hormone replacement therapy can help restore optimal hormonal balance, easing many of the symptoms of menopause or perimenopause including low libido, vaginal dryness, and hormone dysfunction.  Improve your quality of life as you age with BioTE Hormone Pellets. 

Bioidentical hormones are created using plant estrogens that share the SAME chemical makeup as your natural hormones resulting in faster absorption, no adverse reactions, and natural interaction. 

Sweetwater OB GYN, in Sugar Land and Richmond TX, specializes in caring for the needs of women of all ages.
Our physicians and nurse practitioners, along with our staff, are ready to respond to our patients’ needs and requests. We provide an environment that is warm and welcoming as well as technologically advanced in the medical field.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Sugar Land’s premier gynecology and obstetrics health care providers for women of all ages, health, and backgrounds.

Our highly trained staff encompass the most advanced obstetrics and gynecology practices in the Sugar Land and Fort Bend area.  All doctors are proficient in advanced laparoscopic, robotic and hysteroscopic surgeries.

Our excellent team of providers can also manage your other health needs such: Minimally Invasive Surgery, Annual Well Woman Exam, Aesthetics, Weight Management, Menopause, Hereditary Cancer Screening, Birth Control, Abnormal Menstrual Cycles, Servicio en Español and Supplements.

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Difficulty sleeping, lack of energy and fatigue, reduced mental focus and memory, moody, anxious or depressed, weight gain?. Balanced hormones are crucial for good health and disease prevention as we grow older. Optimized hormones protect our bones, brain, breasts and heart.

“The doctor and her assistant were awesome, friendly and helpful, very knowledgeable too. I’ve only had my pellets for right at 2 weeks, I’m already sleeping so much better and feel rested when I wake up for the first time I can remember. My energy levels are increasing and I can feel my mojo rising too if you know what I mean. So far I’m loving this approach to HRT.”

– Jenny B.


We value our patients and want to continuously improve to meet your needs. Call our office or feel free to leave us a review!

Do You Want To Look Your Best? Then Work With The Best!

Botox® is a simple, non-surgical treatment that uses purified proteins (also found in soil and honey) to temporarily reduce or eliminate frown lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet around the eyes.
At the comfort of our office in Sugar Land and through nonsurgical injections, Restylane Lyft is specifically designed to add fullness to the cheeks and mid-face area, which can result in a more natural-looking, youthful appearance
JUVÉDERM® is a smooth consistency gel made of a high concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps to hydrate and add volume to the skin.

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