We have the experience across the entire spectrum of women's health. We offer all related routine screening, tests, treatments, minimal invasive surgery, prenatal, postnatal and risk pregnancies

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The Sweetwater OB GYN facilities are equipped with the state of the art technology to maximize your experience during your visit

Women's Health
Comprehensive Care

We offer women's health solutions from normal OB GYN services to Minimally Invasive Surgery, Aesthetics, Weight Management, Supplements and much more!

Minimally Invasive

Endometrial Ablation for Heavy Menstrual Cycles, Female Sterilization, Urinary Incontinence, Hormone Replacement, Pelvic Floor Disorders, Robotic Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, etc

Are You Pregnant?

At Sweetwater OB GYN Associates Sugar Land we take outstanding care of our expecting mothers, from the initial consultation and the first heart beat to the experience of birth to everything in between

Women's Health Solutions

Treatment of abnormal pap smears, birth control, abnormal menstrual bleeding, menopause, incontinence, infertility. etc

Women's Health
We Cover from A to Z

We take care of our patients by offering a wide arrange of health service solutions beyond OB GYN specialties. We offer clinically managed weight loss from supplements to monitored consultations to keeping up with your progress and overall expectations. Hablamos Español

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Sweetwater OB GYN providers have an outstanding reputation in women’s health and are dedicated to providing the best of care

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in the Sugar Land and Fort Bend Areas. Call us today at 2811-242-1400 we look forward to partnering with you for all of your women’s healthcare needs

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The Sweetwater OB GYN Myriam myRisk cancer gene screening.
Your premier provider for all of your Obstetrical and Gynecology needs.

At Sweetwater OB GYN Associates, we provide thorough gynecological care for women of all ages.

Aside from excellence in the field of gynecology we provide comprehensive obstetric care for normal and high risk pregnancies.  As parents ourselves, we understand that pregnancy is an exciting but sometimes scary time. We do our best to put you at ease and encourage the entire family to participate in the experience.

Our highly trained staff encompasses the most advanced obstetrics and gynecology practices in the greater Sugar Land area.  All doctors are proficient in advanced laparoscopic, robotic and hysteroscopic surgeries. Our amazing team of providers can also manage your other health needs such as medically manages weight loss, aesthetic procedures, minimally invasive surgery, and vitamin supplements to enhance your overall well-being.

Our programs are designed specifically for you.Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Para mejor servicio hablamos español.

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We provide comprehensive obstetric care for normal and high risk pregnancies. As parents ourselves, we understand that pregnancy is an exciting but sometimes scary time. We...


We provide thorough gynecological care and comprehensive gynecology services for women of all ages such as treatment of abnormal pap smears, birth control, abnormal menstrual bleeding,...

Minimally Invasive Surgery

  Minimally invasive surgery refers to any procedure that is less invasive than open surgery. The benefits for the patient include less pain, a shorter recovery time,...

Weight Loss Supplements

Medically Managed Weight Loss Program The providers at Sweetwater OB GYN Associates understand that weight loss is a challenge for most people. With this in mind we...


  AESTHETICS Botox® is an excellent way to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe lines that appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows, crow's feet, and...


The Doctors and Providers of Sweetwater OB GYN Associates offer the most comprehensive care during the entire process of pregnancy, from the usual pregnancies to the high risk ones....

Gynecological Problems?

Sweetwater OB GYN offers gynecological care for most women's health from routine check ups, follow ups, diagnosis, tests and exams, and gynecological problems. Sweetwater OB GYN's state of...

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