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Top Work outs for 2017

New year, new goals, new workouts! Trends emerging in fitness are an indication of what workouts are most likely to be popular in 2017. Haven’t tried any yet? This coming year is the perfect time to try something new and discover that one work out you’ll love. Although we don’t see your favorite boot camp or cycling classes slowing down any, there are some newer concepts that will definitely dominate the new year.


You don’t even have to jump in the ring to reap the benefits of this total-body exercise. Many studios are geared toward a no-contact style of fitness. With added recognition from celebrities, we know that more women will be hitting the heavy bags in the coming year. This anxiety reducing, ultra empowering workout is here to stay.

Megaformer (The Lagree Method)

Like Pilates times ten, a Megaformer class gives you an intense reformer workout that’ll make your muscles shake, burn, and possibly hate you for the next three days or so. The classes are rooted in the Lagree method, named after trainer and Megaformer creator Sebastien Lagree. The workout is very intense but nonetheless, rewarding.

Dance Cardio

People want to move in a way that doesn’t feel like exercise, this is not anything new.  Dance cardio workouts are predicted to be more popular than ever this year. More Studios are springing up in major cities so get ready to dance your way through 2017. These classes feel more like a party than they do a workout.

Mixed Format Classes

Whether you like a combo of yoga and Spin in one class, a mixed format HIIT session, or a bootcamp-style training that combines multiple machines and floor work, there’s something for everyone out there.  We are even more excited to see what else will pop up as this trend continues to build in 2017. Maybe a boxing-cycling-pilates workout??

Work Out Apps

How does one work out in a cost-effective way? With apps and at-home workouts!  It’s one the the simplest and cheapest way to diy fitness. Apps like Kayla Itsines‘s Sweat With Kayla and Nike Women’s refreshed NTC saw a rise in popularity this past year.  It is predicted that they will do even better in 2017.

Live Stream Classes

You don’t have to live in a major metro to try new, exciting fitness classes anymore thanks to the rise of livestream video.  Now, from anywhere in the world, you can bring the high-energy workout to you. Why stream Netflix when you could stream a high-intensity, body-transforming workout?

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Many women (and men) remain at increased risk of cancer and are unaware of lifesaving medical options available to them. Your personal and family history of cancer matter and hereditary cancer testing saves lives. As board-certified Ob Gyn Specialists, we recognize the importance of the identification and management of patients with elevated cancer risks. We have incorporated risk assessments and genetic testing into our practice years ago and would love to tell you how genetic testing has evolved in recent years and how it has become a benefit to our patients.  If you are interested in assessing your own risk, please take the quick survey below.



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 Slimming Superfoods

Superfood refers to foods that can have health-promoting properties such as reducing one’s risks of disease or improving any aspect of physical and emotional health. With combination of dieting and exercise, these foods might as well be miracle workers in the health department. These So-called superfoods are nutritional powerhouses that help build bones, prevent chronic diseases, improve your eyesight, and even keep your mind sharp. But did you know new evidence suggests these foods can also help you get and stay slim.

Black Beans — Just one cup of black beans packs a whole 15 grams of satisfying protein and doesn’t contain any of the saturated fat found in other protein sources, like red meat.

Oats — Oats are rich in fiber, so a serving can help you feel full throughout the day. Just a half cup packs 4.6 grams of Resistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burns fat.

Avocados — There’s no reason to be afraid of eating fats as long as they’re the right fats.
Oleic acid, a compound in avocados’ healthy monounsaturated fats, may trigger your body to actually quiet hunger. Stick to a quarter or a half of an avocado and watch that belly fat melt away. The creamy fruit is also packed with fiber and protein.

Salmon — Lean sources of protein help you feel full without adding fat. However, 50% of women ages 18 to 50 don’t know if they get enough of this essential nutrient. Up your intake with salmon; it’s a leaner choice than red meat and is chock-full of monounsaturated fats to boot.

Blueberries — Best known for their anti-aging effects, blueberries, while tiny, are a powerful figure-friendly eat: A 1-cup serving sets you back only 80 calories, and helps you feel full with 4 grams of fiber.

Broccoli — Cooked or raw, this cruciferous veggie is well-known for its cancer-preventing powers, but with a punch of filling fiber in less than 30 calories a serving, it’s bound to prevent weight problems too.

Brown Rice — Brown rice is a heartier, fiber-packed alternative to less-than-super white rice. A half-cup serving contains 1.7 grams of Resistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burns fat.

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